Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seconds of Style #46: Andrea Moore, The Magic of Midnight

Another 'working' show for me was Andrea Moore's 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil'. Having helped in house with the show I still hadn't seen the collection (except for a sneaky peak at the feather dress the day before) until it snaked down the runway yesterday.

You were immediately struck by the colours, rich, regal, bold and signature Moore. Then came the fabrics. I found this collection to be incredibly textural and even from the back you could almost feel the light brush of the feathers and cool slick of the python skin belts. The possum furs that adorned the long necks of model after model were decadent and a new school take on old school glamour.

The stand out pieces for me were the purple wrap dress and everything in velvet.

The collection as a whole was very pulled together. It was tight in a way that only an experienced designer can create. A pleasure to watch and a pleasure to be a part of.

Seconds of Style #45: My Very First Fashion Week

I'm not going to pretend to be all cool and nonchalant about the opening day of NZ fashion Week - not only was it the opening day but it was my first time on the 'inside', and I was deep on the inside, so deep in fact I was backstage for most of the day covered in a stressed out sheen of sweat!

The first show of the day was Ingrid Starnes. There was a subtle buzz of excitement backstage when I arrived at 9am to help. The Starnes/Pound team were taking it in their stride, the models were all a little giddy as they prepared for their first walk down the runway for NZFW 2011 and the Fashion Week Crew were all deadly focused on producing a flawless first show. Which indeed it was.

The botanical wonders hanging at the back of the catwalk were a genious instillation by Xanthe White and set the tone perfectly for the playful and slightly dream like feel of the show. I watched it on the monitor from backstage (which is why I only have a couple of photo's) as I helped slip models into delicate lace bustiers and candy coloured silk. The soundtrack was perfect and the styling divine in it's simplicity. The stand out colours in the range were unique and not trend driven and felt like a breath of fresh air.

Mt favorite piece in the collection - the Cape Dress in Cranberry - is reminiscent of the 70's in it's rich tone and draping cape neckline. The demure length and light-as-air silk georgette give it an uncomplicated sexiness.

I think that's the thing with Ingrid Starnes, nothing feels like it is trying, it's all genuine and authentic, just like the woman behind the clothes.