Friday, November 5, 2010

Seconds of Style #9: Style Inspire

Welcome to the very first 'Style Inspire'. Every Friday I will slap up a post that focuses on either my own or other inspiring individuals personal style.

For me, Friday is always an exciting day and inspiration for some weekend gorgeousness is always welcome. Even if these posts only inspire you to put something in your wardrobe together in a new and fresh way, I will feel I have done my job. I will add lots of little stylists tips and tricks to help you look polished without blowing your weeks pay. If you have an inspiring look you want to share, send low-res jpegs to and you might get featured.

Today's Style
Pins and broaches are making a serious come back. They are a clever way to add some glamor and style to simple outfits - think a large diamante broach used to rouche the strap of a white tank. I have used a little snake pin I got at a market in London to fasten my oversized, draping silk jacket. Pins are also a great way to make something fit you better. Bunch an oversized shirt together at the waist and use a sparkly broach to fasten it.

Another way to add punch to any outfit is to layer up chains. They don't all need to match and they certainly don't need to be real precious metal. The more the better. The texture and shine add that extra something. Layer up chains and wear with a black tank, dark skinny jeans and stilettos. Simply perfect.

Lastly, RED lipstick. The number one way to glam up and also make yourself feel sexy. You will immediately feel yourself pull your shoulders back and hold your head high. Mac Ladybug is my favorite.

Sheer Jacket, Vintage from Melrose Trading Post
Shoes, Aldo
Chains, Collected from second hand stores
Lace Cami (worn underneath jacket), Second Hand Store

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