Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seconds of Style #22: Ponsonby Rd Welcomes the Delightful Miss Starnes

Myself and the lady of the evening, Ingrid Starnes. Ingrid wears Miss Crabb Dress and her own Silk Lace Cami
Signature print Ingrid Starnes accessories
A fellow photographer, I love the floral/stripe combo
The Boys looking dapper
The label makes it's mark on Ponsonby Road
Myself wearing Ingrid Starnes Bustier, Zara Shorts and Vintage Jacket, my gorgeous sister wearing Ingrid Starnes Cream Pleat Dress and Silk Lace Cami,
Julia Wetzel wearing Ingrid Starnes Lace Bustier under a powder blue tee - a very dreamy combo
Last night both Ponsonby Road and Auckland's fashionistas welcomed new designer Ingrid Starnes with open arms and full glasses of Champagne. Taking her first well heeled steps into retail during her third season, Ingrid Starnes has opened a 'store within a store' in the exposed brick, warehouse style space that is home to well established Auckland label, Miss Crabb. Divided into two sections, the shop took on a department store feel offering a fresh dynamic to the retail experience. The two collections, although uniquely different, blended seamlessly in the space complimenting one anothers feminine draping silks and blushes of colour. The racks were well dressed, the guests were well dressed and the cocktails a sweet shade of baby pink. I can't wait to see this collaboration grow and evolve over the next few months.

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