Friday, December 3, 2010

Seconds of Style #23: Style Inspire 4 - Vintage Leather and Fur

I decided that since December is 'party month' I would go a bit glam for this weeks Style Inspire. I personally always need loads of inspiration during this time of year or I just end up wearing the same thing to every party, which is definitely easier but no where near as fun.  I'm wearing a vintage fur cape that I got at a flea market in London, vintage leather panel mini skirt, Country Road silk blush cami and Zara heels.

I have to say that styling myself for this blog is really encouraging me to experiment with my wardrobe. Sometimes it can be a bit scary to wear something 'out there' but I'm really starting to realise that life is too short to wear jeans and t-shirts every day. 

I am a vintage girl through and through but I still love good old Country Road for basics, especially their little silk cami's. They generally use a very muted and gentle colour pallet making their collections wearable and easy to blend into everything you currently own. I think a blush camisole is an absolute must for summer. 

My heels are from Zara and I LOVE them. The neutral tone means I can wear them with absolutely anything yet the criss crossing and weaving of the straps mean they still make a statement.

A few quick tips...match your lipstick and nail polish, it always makes you look very 'finished'. Try tucking your tops and cami's into whatever you are wearing on your bottom half, it defines the waist and really dresses up a look. Lastly, use necklaces to wrap around your wrists, the twisting of chains always looks glamorous and polished.

So for the next event you attend, have a second look at what you have in your wardrobe and jewellery box and choose something a bit more exciting than you usually would, I promise you will enjoy yourself!

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