Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seconds of Style #24: Style Spot, Ponsonby Road

It might be cheating just a little bit to do 'street style' posts about your friends but what can I say - Shani looked seriously cool on Ponsonby Road last week! I absolutely loved her black suede platforms, I think the chunkiness of the shoes really balanced out the skinniness of her Ksubi jeans. The sheer, feminine cropped jacket contrasted perfectly with the rock 'n' roll feel of her black jeans and platforms. The little pop of berry under her jacket keeps it understated and sophisticated. Love everything about this outfit!
Wearing Ksubi jeans, vintage jacket and shoes

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  1. Loving you blog Erica! I read all of them :) Now all I need to do is get out of this small town so I can do some shopping...