Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seconds of Style #24: French Markets, Oh How I Missed You

Mouth watering delights at the French Markets
Jars of sweet scents at La Cigale
Statement wall hangings at La Cigale - the perfect gift for that stylish someone
Bottles of luxury at La Cigale
Gorgeous cushions, the perfectly understated gift
A wall mural outside the markets...a little bit of NYC in AKL
Some quick outfit shots on the way to the market. I'm wearing vintage navy chinos, lace camisole made by myself, vintage leather belt with gold elephant detail and all vintage jewellery. Gold sandals from New Look UK
 After traveling for the last 18 months, the one thing I was really sad to leave behind were the markets. From the 'never again' vintage finds at the London Chiswick Car Boot Sale to the luscious cakes, bread and fruit at the endless food markets in Italy - I shed a tear as I bid farewell to the taste, sight and feel of these wonderful places. So now I'm home and constantly searching out school gala's, church car boot sales and farmers markets to appease my desire. However the one spot that had almost slipped my mind was the La Cigale French Market in Parnell. How could that have happened? I just don't know, but when I walked down the hill into the bustling little plot on Saturday, my eyes lit up with delight. As soon as you arrive you are overwhelmed with smells and sights - brightly coloured macaroons, gooey, melty, cheesy croc monsieur, flakey and buttery onion tarts and tightly coiled brioches - just to name just a few. Aside from the foodie delights, La Cigale the store hits you with gorgeous little pouches, bottles, jars and boxes full of sense inducing treasures. If you haven't been down to the French Markets this month, get there immediately. It's the perfect spot to fill your pantry for Christmas and get all those last minute presents. J'aime les marchés français!

New Market Hours
Open Saturdays  8am to 1.30pm
Open Sundays 9am to 1.30pm

69 St Georges Bay Rd (off the Strand end), Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph +64 (09) 3669361

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