Monday, May 16, 2011

Seconds of Style #35: The Deadliest of all the Ponies

So having blogger crash and then being in an internet free mini break spot over the weekend has not been conducive to succeeding at my task. Picking up where we left off (26 posts in 26 days, who said it had to be 1 a day!).

Deadly Ponies is more than a cult NZ label, they literally changed the face of NZ accessory design. Their label is a cleaver combination of design aesthetics and aspirational branding. Deadly Ponies is synonymous with 'Cool', it is one of those labels that gives you street cred and an accepting nod from all those 'in the know'. However any Deadly Ponies die hard followers know they are more than just a hit with the cool kids. Designer Liam Bowden's involvement with the product construction and his desire to commemorate the life of his materials gives this label a unique narrative. Deadly Ponies works with the materials, the leather, the bone, so we always remember that the material is from an animal, working with the natural beauty of the skins and bones to make a the product more beautiful.

Deadly Ponies AW11 Collection, 'Egg, White & Blue' is a celebration high fashion, the raw beauty of animal skin and a modern fuss free functionality.

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  1. Their shapes are fun and so are their colors. Ultimate street-cred will be achieved with these pieces! love them.