Monday, May 16, 2011

Seconds of Style #36 & #37: Shes so EFfortless

Yes, yes, I'm cheating here. two letters in one post. When we suffer setbacks we must do anything to get back on the horse mustn't we?

The past few seasons, have in many ways been about 'cleaning up' fashion. Stripping it back somewhat. Bringing back the sophistication of past era's, bringing down the hemlengths, increasing the cut size - generally making way for an 'effortless' aesthetic. Whether it be the demureness of the 50's, a-la rising star Ingrid Starnes, the over-sized draping of Moochi and Miss Crabb or the architectural lines of cult label Nyne - the prevailing theme is no fuss fashion. I am through and through a non fuss fashion girl. I'm as dedicated to monochrome as a biker is to leather, use and abuse the term 'oversized' and cower away from fussy details, but for all those who think the more frills, jewels, beads and trims the better - put down the bedazzler and get on board this trend, it's definitely here to stay!

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