Monday, September 12, 2011

Seconds of Style #49: Puma Social Club - Video Arcade with Cocktails

I felt like I spent Saturday night in a different country. As I stepped out of the cab into Wynyard Quarter, the city felt far more metropolitan than I have come to expect of Auckland. The bars with their rustic-chic boat shed feel and open waterfront view, stretched along a softly lit esplanade that buzzed with people and life. The area feels 'cool' and not in a "we're so desperate for something new in Auckland that we'll take anything" kind of way. Downtown Auckland finally feels like a space to proud of.

Feeling excited about the city's newness, I was upping the expectation level in my mind as we headed across the road to the PUMA Social Club. I was not disappointed. As we got closer to the warehouse that houses the PUMA Social Club and steped inside, the space opened up into a pinball shooting, beer pong playing, air hockey slamming, fast food frying, ring-a-ding-dinging entertainment paradise for adults.

The PUMA Social Club is essentially a video arcade with cocktails. No frozen coke on the menu here. Guests were served Jägermeister mules, Red Bull mixes and Mojo Fizz. Burger Fuel served up mini Chook Royals, Pumpkin Koftas and Spud Fries with Aioli.

The Sweet Mix Kids played nostalgic tunes mixed with modern beats in perfect harmony with the arcade bells and whistles. The ping pong tables were a huge hit, as was the beer pong - which I now realise is an art form - and the deer hunting game in the Jägermeister corner.

Open to the public as of this Thursday, Sep 15th, entry is free. I highly recommend you check it out, it's fun, it's new and it's in our City!


Jägermeister Corner - Stag Head on a living wall

Beer Pong - Not as easy as it looks

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